Draft published by New York Times expands on version started under Scott Pruitt. arstechnica.com/?p=1600865

The WHO wasted no time to "prequalifying" the newly approved vaccine. arstechnica.com/?p=1601141

ICE and Customs violated 4th Amendment with suspicionless searches, ruling says. arstechnica.com/?p=1601063

Simplified device management might be more attractive than Wi-Fi mesh itself. arstechnica.com/?p=1600881

"Everyone knows that German engineering is outstanding," Musk said. arstechnica.com/?p=1600991

Chinese knockoffs and Amazon's shipping carrot/stick hurt vendors, reports say. arstechnica.com/?p=1600799

Google has 50M people's medical records but won't merge them with other Google data. arstechnica.com/?p=1600915

Or a new Fios or 5G user. Plus deals on Kindle Unlimited, AMD CPUs, and more. arstechnica.com/?p=1600779

Combined VR/AR headset for 2022 to be followed by "lightweight" AR glasses in 2023. arstechnica.com/?p=1600805

The main character appears to be completely redone, and much better for it. arstechnica.com/?p=1600749

Big business spent $1.5 million trying to unseat pro-tax candidates. arstechnica.com/?p=1600705

Democrats want it for the environment, Republicans want it for national security. arstechnica.com/?p=1600687

A bounty hunter's surprising journey in a post-Empire world: Giddy up, space cowboy. arstechnica.com/?p=1600613

"Project Nightingale" is an attempt to squeeze more money from patients. arstechnica.com/?p=1600565

Customer service reportedly blamed "the algorithm" for discrepancies. arstechnica.com/?p=1600217

14 more by year's end, but some previously promised "launch" titles are missing. arstechnica.com/?p=1600451

Think Westworld meets Cabin in the Woods, with a dash of Lost for good measure. arstechnica.com/?p=1600215

Comcast's court defense would change law to allow more discrimination, King says. arstechnica.com/?p=1600253

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