Bad "sexy teen slasher" marketing buried this multi-layered tale of toxic female friendship.

Apps improperly obtained user data, installed malware, and committed other offenses.

Money likely came as advance against earnings ahead of Epic Games Store sales.

Competitors are throwing everything at the wall to slow the Amazon juggernaut.

The delay on Ryzen 9 3950X's launch makes sense, given Ryzen 9 3900X's scarcity.

AT&T files motion to compel arbitration in case over sale of phone location data.

Vulnerability was demonstrated one week ago, when iOS 13 was still in beta.

Sacklers seek "the benefit of bankruptcy without the burdens of bankruptcy."

A sci-fi action movie where the key action takes place in Brad Pitt's neurons.

An explainer for all the hoops multi-Switch households have to jump through.

The year's best video game about geese, reviewed from a goose's point of view.

The slag heaps of an ancient kingdom show how upheaval fueled technological progress.

Better battery life might be the most compelling reason to get a new phone.

Vaping in 12th graders doubles from 2017 in line with rise of Juul.

New wave of attacks comes after previous Click2Gov hack compromised 300k payment cards.

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