Frontline health workers and long-term care facility residents are first in line.

Before Apple patch, Wi-Fi packets could steal photos. No interaction needed. Over the air.

John Barrowman returns, and we'll also bid farewell to a couple of cast members.

Persistent L2ARC finally makes "SSD read cache" an effective ZFS reality.

The United States saw a total of 12 landfalls. Louisiana, alone, experienced five.

EC2's new mac1.metal EC2 type isn't virtualized—it's actual Mac Minis.

Nikola's stock price has nose-dived for four straight trading days.

Recently patched WebLogic security bug requires little skill and no authentication.

Sensor, computer vision hardware come as tech giant pushes into industrial sector.

Scoreboard alleges "decades-long pattern of abuse, impropriety, nepotism, and fraud."

Regulator argues that water resistance claims reflect lab tests, not reality.

Suit alleges that toxicity in the company hurts Pinterest’s “nice” brand image.

It's 2020: Do your museum heists, archeological digs, and alchemy tests from home.

Between the Galaxy S, Fold, and Flip, Samsung doesn't have room in the lineup.

The EPA estimates 550,000 medium pickup trucks have disabled emissions controls.

Dmitry Rogozin seems to be doing a good job of spreading the blame around.

Entire support system fails, all cables and instruments crash into the disk.

Assuming you can find one when it launches tomorrow, what performance can you expect?

The chiropractor-designed Backstrong C1 gives lumbar support a unique approach.

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