European Central Bank Shuts Down 'BIRD Portal' After Getting Hacked - The European Central Bank (ECB) confirmed Thursday that it had been hit by a cyberattack that involved attackers injecting malware into one of its websites and potentially stealing contact information of its newsletter subscribers.

Headquartered in Germany, the European Central Bank (ECB) is the ce

Patches for 2 Severe LibreOffice Flaws Bypassed — Update to Patch Again - If you are using LibreOffice, you need to update it once again.

LibreOffice has released the latest version 6.2.6/6.3.0 of its open-source office software to address three new vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to bypass patches for two previously addressed vulnerabilities.

LibreOffice is

Bluetana App Quickly Detects Hidden Bluetooth Card Skimmers at Gas Pumps - In recent years, gas stations have become one of the favorite targets for thieves who are stealing customers' credit and debit card information by installing a Bluetooth-enabled payment card skimmers at gas stations across the nation.

The media has also reported several recent crimes surrounding cr

Kaspersky Antivirus Flaw Exposed Users to Cross-Site Tracking Online - In this digital era, the success of almost every marketing, advertising, and analytics company drives through tracking users across the Internet to identify them and learn their interests to provide targeted ads.

Most of these solutions rely on 3rd-party cookies, a cookie set on a domain other than

New Bluetooth Vulnerability Lets Attackers Spy On Encrypted Connections - Over a billion Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, laptops, smart IoT devices, and industrial devices, have been found vulnerable to a high severity vulnerability that could allow attackers to spy on data transmitted between the two devices.

The vulnerability, assigned as CVE-2019-950

8 New HTTP/2 Implementation Flaws Expose Websites to DoS Attacks - Various implementations of HTTP/2, the latest version of the HTTP network protocol, have been found vulnerable to multiple security vulnerabilities affecting the most popular web server software, including Apache, Microsoft's IIS, and NGINX.

Launched in May 2015, HTTP/2 has been designed for better

4 New BlueKeep-like 'Wormable' Windows Remote Desktop Flaws Discovered - If you are using any supported version of the Windows operating system, stop everything and install the latest security updates from Microsoft immediately.

It has been disclosed that the Windows operating system contains four new critical wormable, remote code execution vulnerabilities in Remote De

Google Discloses 20-Year-Old Unpatched Flaw Affecting All Versions of Windows - A Google security researcher has just disclosed details of a 20-year-old unpatched high-severity vulnerability affecting all versions of Microsoft Windows, back from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10.

The vulnerability, which could allow a low privileged application to read and write data to a hi

New Cerberus Android Banking Trojan Emerges As 'Malware For Rent' Service - After a few popular Android Trojans like Anubis, Red Alert 2.0, GM bot, and Exobot, quit their malware-as-a-service businesses, a new player has emerged on the Internet with similar capabilities to fill the gap, offering Android bot rental service to the masses.

Dubbed "Cerberus," the new remote ac

Let Experts Do Their Job – Managed WAF by Indusface - WAF (Web Application Firewall) has been the first line of defence when it comes to application security for a while now. Many organizations have adopted WAF in one form or the other and most cases, compliance has been the driver for adoption.

But unfortunately, when it comes to the efficacy of WAF

Epic Games Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Hacked 'Fortnite' Accounts - Epic Games, the creator of the popular 'Fortnite' video game, is facing a class-action lawsuit from gamers over hacked Fortnite accounts, accusing the company of failing to maintain adequate security measures and notify users of the security breach in a timely manner.

The lawsuit, filed by 'Frankli

Android Users Can Now Log in to Google Services Using Fingerprint - If you're using Chrome on Android, you can now sign-in to your Google account and some of the other Google services by simply using your fingerprint, instead of typing in your password every time.

Google is rolling out a new feature, called "local user verification," that allows you to log in to bo

Price Dropped: Get Lifetime Access to Cisco Certification Courses 2019 - With the migration of governments and enterprises towards controller-based architectures, the role of a core network engineer has become more important than ever.

Today, majority of interconnected wide area networks (WANs) and local area networks (LANs) in the world run on Cisco routers and other C

Canon DSLR Cameras Can Be Hacked With Ransomware Remotely - The threat of ransomware is becoming more prevalent and severe as attackers' focus has now moved beyond computers to smartphones and other Internet-connected smart devices.

In its latest research, security researchers at cybersecurity firm CheckPoint demonstrated how easy it is for hackers to remot

Over 40 Drivers Could Let Hackers Install Persistent Backdoor On Windows PCs - If you own a device, or a hardware component, manufactured by ASUS, Toshiba, Intel, NVIDIA, Huawei, or other 15 other vendors listed below, you're probably screwed.

A team of security researchers has discovered high-risk security vulnerabilities in more than 40 drivers from at least 20 different ve

Apple will now pay hackers up to $1 million for reporting vulnerabilities - Apple has just improvised the rules of its bug bounty program by announcing a few major changes during a briefing at the annual Black Hat security conference yesterday.

One of the most attractive updates is…

Apple has enormously increased the maximum reward for its bug bounty program from $200,000

Facebook Sues Two Android App Developers for Click Injection Fraud - Facebook has filed a lawsuit against two shady Android app developers accused of making illegal money by hijacking users' smartphones to fraudulently click on Facebook ads.

According to Facebook, Hong Kong-based 'LionMobi' and Singapore-based 'JediMobi' app developers were distributing malicious An

Reverse RDP Attack Also Enables Guest-to-Host Escape in Microsoft Hyper-V - Remember the reverse RDP attack?

Earlier this year, researchers disclosed clipboard hijacking and path-traversal issues in Microsoft's Windows built-in RDP client that could allow a malicious RDP server to compromise a client computer, reversely.

(You can find details and a video demonstration for

Binance KYC Data Leak — Crypto Exchange Sets $290,000 Bounty On Blackmailer - Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance has become a victim of a ransom demand from a scammer who claimed to have hacked the KYC (Know Your Customer) data of thousands of its customers.

The unknown attacker threatened the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume to release KYC informat

KDE Linux Desktops Could Get Hacked Without Even Opening Malicious Files - If you are running a KDE desktop environment on your Linux operating system, you need to be extra careful and avoid downloading any ".desktop" or ".directory" file for a while.

A cybersecurity researcher has disclosed an unpatched zero-day vulnerability in the KDE software framework that could allo

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