@tom79 An other question: you use browser cards to display links. Is it currently possible to open external links in the browser directly? Why? I use Brave and in the card I'm unable to share the link. I've to open it in the browser first to share them.

Not sure to understand. With Twitter when sharing a Tweet that embeds a card, you share the link of the Tweet, not the link of its card.

@tom79 Let's try an other approach to make it clear to you. Toots can contain links to web pages. Fedilab displays previews of these web links. Wen I klick on a link in Fedilab it gets opened IN Fedilab on a so called browser card. The browser card is just an instance of the default web browser (in my case: Brave). These web browser cards do not offer the full functionality of the normal browser. In my case the "share" option is missing. I've to klick "open in browser" to share while reading.

Well, if you are using custom tabs the action is delegated to your browser inside the app. But for what you want, just uncheck custom tabs to open links in your browser with all functionalities.

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