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Ich schlage für D ein Cannabis-Nazi-Gesetz vor:
Cannabis legalisieren, mehr Kapazitäten in Justiz und Gefängnissen.
Friedliche Kiffer raus aus dem Knast, gewalttätige Nazis rein!
Aus Drogenfahndern werden Nazifahnder.


#Security #Updates on #Android are really that bad: They take months to never to be rolled out and manufacturers stop supporting them after one year anyway.

This is one of the core problems of #digital #sustainability: good performing hardware cannot be used only because software / manufacturers do not support them anymore.

a) use #FreeSoftware e.g. Custom Rom and
b) help to include smartphones in the European ecodesign guidelines by signing this petition:

Ich lebe auf dem Land muss heute nach Forchheim und habe mal Google-Maps gefragt wie ich das am besten mache. Da ich nichts besonderes angegeben habe schlägt er mir auch Bus/Bahnverbindungen vor. So viel zum Thema ÖVPN am Land. is blocked on Can you please unblock it so I can try to readd the relay?

@fedilab Recently the TLS certificate of my instance expired. does not handle this issues very well. First communication get's stuck some way (some images stop loading). At the next app start a unclear error message (which I don't remember, sorry) appears with no hint about a problem with the certificate. I think worth a look and a fix. How to get a complete timeline without gaps? Currently I get e.g. 7h, gap, 13h, gap, 3 days. Or I get "load more toots". I just want to get all toots in chronological order. How to setup Fedilab to do so?

What about

Even TootSiute 2.8 shortens links to one line and then adds three dots. Pleas do so too. Toot display in Fedilab ist cluttered by long links.

Für alle die meinen: "Ich habe doch nichts zu verbergen!". Diesen Link schicken.

Kurzer, aber guter Text! 🧙

Vermutlich wisst ihr alle, was ihr bei der #ep2019 wählen wollt oder dass ihr – wenn ihr unentschlossen seid – hier Hilfe von @Digitalcourage bekommt: – Oder? #europawahl #europawahl2019 An other question: you use browser cards to display links. Is it currently possible to open external links in the browser directly? Why? I use Brave and in the card I'm unable to share the link. I've to open it in the browser first to share them.
Feature request: add a icon to mark bots like subwaytooter

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