Feds: Cyberattack on NASA’s JPL Threatened Mission-Control Data Rampant security-operations bungling allowed cyberattackers to infiltrate JPL's network, which carries human mission data. threatpost.com/feds-hackers-mi

Google Releases Open Source Tool For Computational Privacy Google's new multi-party computation tool allows companies to work together with confidential data sets. threatpost.com/google-computat

Oracle Warns of New Actively-Exploited WebLogic Flaw Oracle is urging users to update after a critical WebLogic Server Flaw was found being actively exploited in the wild. threatpost.com/oracle-warns-of

EatStreet Hackers Chow Down on Diner Data Gnosticplayers have reportedly taken credit for the breach, which they say consists of 6 million records. threatpost.com/eatstreet-hacke

Mozilla Patches Firefox Critical Flaw Under Active Attack Mozilla released a new update for Firefox after discovering a critical flaw under active attack. threatpost.com/mozilla-patches

Consumers Urged to Junk Insecure IoT Devices A security researcher who disclosed flaws impacting 2 million IoT devices in April - and has yet to see a patch or even hear back from the manufacturers contacted - is sounding off on the dire state of IoT security. threatpost.com/consumers-urged

Linux Kernel Bug Knocks PCs, IoT Gadgets and More Offline Four vulnerabilities could "SACK" connected devices with denial-of-service exploits. threatpost.com/linux-kernel-bu

Microsoft Management Console Bugs Allow Windows Takeover Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) bugs and an XML external entity (XXE) problem opens the door to takeover of admin desktops. threatpost.com/microsoft-manag

Working BlueKeep Exploit Developed by DHS The Department of Homeland Security urged system administrators to update their Windows machines after testing a working BlueKeep exploit for Windows 2000. threatpost.com/working-bluekee

Irked Researcher Discloses Facebook WordPress Plugin Flaws Researchers at Plugin Vulnerabilities cite grudge and irresponsibly disclose bugs in two WordPress plugins from Facebook. threatpost.com/irked-researche

5,000 Twitter Accounts Linked to Disinformation Campaigns The social platform has suspended six sets of accounts across four jurisdictions for running alleged influence campaigns, including Iran. threatpost.com/twitter-5000-ac

A Spate of University Breaches Highlight Email Threats in Higher Ed Students at Oregon State University, Graceland University and Southern Missouri State have all been impacted by email attacks against school employees. threatpost.com/university-brea

Microsoft Pushes Azure Users to Patch Linux Systems Microsoft is urging users to patch every Exim installation in their organization and make sure that they are updated to the most recent version, Exim version 4.92. threatpost.com/microsoft-pushe

Ransomware: A Persistent Scourge Requiring Corporate Action Now ASCO is the latest headline-making organization to be hit by ransomware, prompting many companies to consider what to do to minimize their risk. threatpost.com/ransomware-a-pe

ThreatList: Ransomware Trojans Picking Up Steam in 2019 Attackers continue to push the boundaries with modular trojans and ransomware attacks, a new report found. threatpost.com/threatlist-rans

News Wrap: Amazon Privacy and Telegram DDoS Attack Threatpost editors Tara Seals and Lindsey O'Donnell discuss a recent lawsuit against Amazon for its privacy policies, a Telegram DDoS attack and more. threatpost.com/news-wrap-amazo

TRISIS Group, Known for Physical Destruction, Targets U.S. Electric Companies XENOTIME, a destructive APT linked to Russia, has broadened its target set beyond Middle East oil and gas. threatpost.com/trisis-physical

Amazon Alexa Secretly Records Children, Lawsuits Allege Two lawsuits are seeking class-action status, alleging that Amazon records children and stores their voiceprints indefinitely. threatpost.com/amazon-alexa-se

Millions of Linux Servers Under Worm Attack Via Exim Flaw Attackers are exploiting a Linux Exim critical flaw to execute remote commands, download crypto miners and sniff out other vulnerable servers. threatpost.com/linux-servers-w

Hackers Favor Weekdays for Attacks, Share Resources Often Traffic analysis sheds light on weekday habits of attackers such as the most likely day for attacks and how malicious infrastructure is shared. threatpost.com/weekdays-attack

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